Seed Grant CFSP Research Projects

Smaller projects by leading experts or up-and-coming scholars in important sub-fields.

Warren E. Weber

The questions explored by Warren Weber in this research project emerged from the May 2011 CFSP Workshop on the Optimal Design of Payment Systems.

Weber’s work suggests that early U.S. payment systems may have similarities with today's emerging payment systems in developing countries. By examining the historical example of the...

Tae Jeong Lee
Taiwan, South Korea

Tae Jeong Lee’s research examines the remarkable economic growth of South Korea and Taiwan from 1951 through 2007. During this period, the average annual growth rate of real GDP of Taiwan was 7.5%, and that of Korea was 6.8%. In addition, Korea and Taiwan were able to reduce overall poverty and maintain a highly equitable distribution of income along with such...

Joseph Kaboski

Why do the poor save?  Joseph Kaboski’s research project utilizes structural quantitative theory and a theory-driven randomized microfinance experiment to understand the importance of precautionary and entrepreneurial motives in driving the savings behavior of poor people in developing countries. By estimating the distribution of motives in the...

Emily Breza

In developed countries, technologies, such as savings reminders and automatic enrollment in retirement savings plans, help individuals overcome common obstacles to meeting their savings goals; however, in developing countries, these solutions are far harder to implement, especially for poor and rural clients.

Emily Breza's research project explores how...